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We have a new and improved on-line training system we hope everyone will enjoy.

Training is compatible with PCs and most Apple and Android devices.

Online RBSS


If you work in Oxnard, CA, please note that ONLINE TRAINING IS NOT ACCEPTED. The City of Oxnard requires you to take this RBS course in person. Click to see our Schedule of Events to find a FREE upcoming class you can take in person.

'ON-PREMISE' RBS Training (On Site Consumption)

E-Learning Course Only $20.00!

This training course can normally be completed in under 3 hours. Purchased training must be completed within three days (72 hours) of purchase. The purchase price includes:

  • E-Learning Course for 'ON-PREMISE' RBS (English Language Only)
  • E-Learning Course Final Quiz
  • Certification Card

Passing students will be required to submit a 'head shot' photo for the creation of his or her certification card and a picture of their ID for verification if the payment method name differs from the one supplied during training.

*Sorry, 'OFF-SALE' and Spanish versions of our training are coming soon.

Buy Now: $20.00

All Major Credit & Debit Cards Accepted

How it Works:

First, you securely purchase access to the on-line course via PayPal Checkout. After your purchase, you will be returned to our site and put right into the training. It's that easy!

Purchasing this course provides 72 hours of access to the curriculum, and one opportunity to take the certification exam. You will have an opportunity to review the entire curriculum, or any specific section prior to taking the final test for certification. Once you begin the final exam you must finish it.

After you have passed the course, you will be directed to our Certification Information page were we will collect some final information from you as well as a head-shot photo for your certification card. Your certification card takes approximately 7 business days to be generated.      

If you fail the course, a refund will not be issued. If you want to try again, you may purchase the course again. Please note you will not be able to skip slides or advance to the end to take the test. If online training is not the best for your learning style, you may find an in person training opportunity listed in our events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the training on my cell phone?

Yes, our training is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. When accessing the training from a compatible mobile device you will be prompted to install a free player application called 'iSpring Play' by iSpring Solutions, Inc from the Apple or Google app store. This application allows the training to be completed on your device. Please note that normal data rates will apply while doing the training. We recommend having a WiFi connection while working in the course. Also, please note that the course cannot be preformed 'off-line'.

I just bought the training. How long do I have to complete it?
Access to the course starts at the time of purchase. You have 72 hours (three days) from the time of purchase  to complete your training. If you do not complete the training in that time, you will be required to re-purchase the training. There are no refunds.
If I buy the course, how many people can take the training?
Purchasing this course allows for ONLY ONE CERTIFICATION. If multiple persons want to take the on-line training and be certified, they will have to purchase their own.
I want to buy the course for an employee. Who's name will be on the certification?
Well thank you for picking up the tab! During the test, the student is asked for his or her name. That name will be used for certification. Because you paid for it, we may reach out to validate that is what you intended. There is a limit of ONE CERTIFICATION per course purchased.
How long does it take to complete the 'On-Sale' RBSS training course?
Everyone is different but most people complete the training and final quiz in less than 3 hours.
I was doing the training but I wanted to take a break. How do I get back in?
After your purchase you will automatically be taken into the training. You are provided 72 hours to complete the training but if you leave the site to take a break, no worries. When you purchased the course, we sent you an e-mail with a link that will take you right back to your training when your ready.
How can I pay for the course?
Our secure PayPal checkout link accepts all major credit and debit cards without having to have a PayPal account. Of course we accept PayPal too.
Do you provide group discounts? I want multiple employees to take this training.
We can work something out. Just drop us an email with the details of your request and we will get right back to you.
Do you have E-Learning in Spanish?
Sadly, our Spanish version of the course is running a bit late. We hope to have it completed by the first of the year.