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Whether your business is a nightclub or restaurant, wine tasting or community festival, Responsible Beverage Sales and Service is the key to SAFER Service and a SAFER Community.

Thousand Oaks Police Department

RBS is a critical comprehensive training tool that is the most important mitigator of problems or potential problems at bars and restaurant/bar establishments. I have participated in the training and have seen the significant mindset change in bar servers' understanding of responsibility in beverage service.

Captain Don Aguilar

Assistant Police Chief, Thousand Oaks Police Department

I'm Watching. But I don't know what I'm looking for...

Project SAFER has trained assessors who will visit your establishment to document typical service practices of staff and management. Information gathered is then used to tailor best-practice recommendations to reduce alcohol service liabilities.

I'm just doing this event...

We know that getting things together for a special event is a big job. RBS may not have been at the top of your list of things to take care of. This is not uncommon, but not to be taken lightly. Special events are even more likely to run afoul of RBS mishaps due to lack of training or safeguards such as wristbands not being thought about. Project SAFER has prepared and/or monitored many events within the county. We know what it takes to keep your event special and SAFER.

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