Science fiction

Science fiction is a form of narrative, especially literary (books and comics), cinematographic and video game. As its name suggests, it contains a collection of myths based on scientific and technological advances derived from a very distant future (and a question of expectation), sometimes in a fictional past1 or in the same universe. our own, or physically impossible progress, at least in the present state of our knowledge. Thus he uses the ancient themes of time travel, inter-planetary or astronomical travel, colonization of space, contact with extraterrestrials, collisions between species and their creation, including robots and clones, or planetary doomsday catastrophe.

The structure of science fiction can occur on Earth (utopia, dystopia (usually dystopia), in space (spacecraft, exoplanets, space opera) or both.

Stories can describe solid science with biopunk, cyberpunk and postcyberpunk (robots) based on current knowledge (science, technology, and ethnological).

This genre can sometimes be associated with other genres, including a mysterious or imaginative element as a religion that combines both supernatural (supernatural and supernatural reality: myth, outer space, lost world, related worlds) and myth (science fiction or space dream (the name of space is very limited) ) often involving magic), as well as war or humor.

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