Comics is a term used in the United States to refer to comics. It comes from a word meaning “comic” in English because the first comics published in the United States were funny. However, in the French-speaking world, meaning is restricted to the particular definition of American comics.
Funny pictures are short funny threads of a few squares, stretching across the strand during the week (daily thread), full page on weekends (Sunday thread) and often tell a short funny story, or sometimes for fun, in the form of Soap Opera. It appeared in the late nineteenth century, comic strips were published in newspapers.

Comic books are newspapers with a few pages describing a developed story, published in installments in the common era, dating back to the 1930s. If all the categories are represented, the most popular ones include the superheroes, published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. they are part of humorous stories. With the birth of underground comics in the 1960s, followed by other comics, this format also allows American comedians to express their views in all their diversity.

As humorous stories struggled to gain recognition as art itself in the United States, the term “graphic novel”, appearing in the 1970’s, became popular in the 1990’s. books and published by other publishers, used immediately and today primarily describes the format, disc, original creation or compilation of the first published boards in comic books. A graphic novel is sometimes contradicted as a fake. A comic book collection is called a print or anthology. Other forms of publishing, such as fanzines, small print or webcomics, are also sourced from the United States.

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