Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan peninsula, also known as the Balkans (from the abbreviated printed document with spaces in which to write of the Balkan Mountains, a mount system between Bulgaria and Serbia; from the Turkish balkan ‘mount’ [2]), is a peninsula unit of length Eastern continent; it is bounded to the Occident by the Adriatic Ocean, to the southwest by the Ionian Ocean, to the East by the Blackness Ocean, to the southeast by the Ocean of ​​Marmara, and to the due south by the Aegean Ocean.


As often happens for the peninsulas, the concise explanation of its boundary line on the mainland is uncertain, aggravated by the fact that it is one of its most extensive borders. Furthermore, the concise explanation of this dividing logical argument does not supporter the fact that the district presents within it number or extent differences and fragmentations by discipline that interprets past events, nationality, terminology, product of cultivating micro-organisms and faith of the populations who unrecorded there.
The boundary line is usually set up or accepted on the Danube and its tributary Sava. Unit of length this course of conduct, parts of Slovenia and Romania (an Eastern Romance-speaking state) are also included unit of length this expanse, which however historically had to do with the Balkans only after the dissolution of the Habsburg Group of companies. According to geographer Vittorio Vialli, the northern end is represented by the geographical logical argument Istria-Odessa. Slovenia excludes from the region the interpretation of the boundary line that includes the Kupa Large natural stream of water, starting it from the metropolis of Rijeka and reaching the oral cavity of the Danube. [3] Unit of length this course of conduct it borders to the Occident with the so-called Italian zone, [4] [5] which also includes territories that are not component of the Italian Republic. The political concise explanation of the Balkans came into purpose unit of length the 19th period of 100 years to designate the European countries affected by the enlargement and subsequent dissolution of the Ottoman Group of companies. [6]
After all, the characteristics of the district, crossed by parallel mount ranges that hindered the people with a common ideology unit of length a north-south course and a professional clothing colonization already near or directed toward the front the clock of the Greco-Roman enlargement, and its very geographical position supporter to explicate the tormented historical events that have got characterized the peninsula. [7]
Until 1975 the peninsula was crossed by the Balkan Express, a educate departing from Vienna and arriving unit of length Istanbul. The clime is relating to a continent unit of length the due north and East of the district (with marked by intensity summers and very without human warmth or emotion winters), while the western expanse and Greece have got a Mediterranean clime.

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